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Find out what information political parties hold on you.

This election season, Canada’s political parties are gathering lots of data about voters in Canada. But do you know what data they hold on you?

Canada’s political parties hold a great deal of highly personal information about people in Canada - things like demographic information, voting intention, donation history and more.

But political parties are not covered by the same privacy laws that companies are required to adhere to. This means they don’t have the same requirements around information collection, storage and transparency.

We’re helping people in Canada find out exactly what information parties hold on them. You can do this yourself using this form.

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Privacy Officer
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Privacy Officer

I am a Canadian citizen telecommunications and member of the Canadian electorate, and am interested in both learning more about your data management practices and the kinds of personal information which you maintain and retain about me. So this is a request to access my personal data under Principle 4.9 of Schedule 1 and section 8 of Canada’s federal privacy legislation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). I am also requesting access to any data which you may possess, even should you assert that the specific data is not covered by PIPEDA.

I am, first of all, requesting information about how data is collected and exchanged by you with other companies or organizations. Can you clarify whether my data, either in an individualized data set or part of an aggregate data set, has been provided by, or to, other companies or organizations? And if it has been provided to you, or you have provided it to others, please identify the relevant companies or organizations. Please also enumerate the reasons for which it was either provided to you or shared with other companies or organizations.

I am requesting a copy of all records which contain my personal information from your organization. The following is a non-exclusive list of all the information the Party may hold about me, including the following:

  • Info Category Name: Info Category Description

If your organization has collected or inferred other information in addition to these items, I formally request access to that as well.

If your organization includes a data export tool, please direct me to it, and ensure that in your response to this letter, you provide all information associated with me that is not included in the output of this tool. Please ensure that you include all information that is directly associated with my name, phone number, or e-mail, as well as any other identifiers that your organization may associate with my personal information.

Furthermore, please inform me if my information has been used in the course of micro-targeted communications or advertisements, your retention periods of my personal information, and how you safeguard my personal information from unauthorized parties.

Consider this request effective as of: today .

You are obligated to provide copies at a free or minimal cost within thirty (30) days of this request’s effective date. If you choose to deny this request, you must provide a valid reason for doing so under Canada’s PIPEDA. Ignoring a written request is the same as refusing access. See the guide from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at: The Commissioner is an independent oversight body that handles privacy complaints from the public.

Please let me know if your organization requires additional information from me before proceeding with my request.

Here is information that may help you identify my records:

  • Info Category Name: Info Category Description


Information Category Information Category

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    Privacy Officer
    Subject: Formal request for Access to my personal information
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